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If You Have Insurance, Your Cleanings Are Free!

woman at teeth cleaning appointmentWe know many dental patients find the ins & outs of dental insurance confusing, but if you have dental insurance the most important thing for you to know is that you get two free cleanings per year!

Nearly all dental insurance plans are set up in favor of preventive care. Most plan benefits cover two annual teeth cleanings (also referred to as hygiene or prophylaxis in clinical terms) at 100%, meaning you won’t pay anything out of pocket for your visit & the insurance company covers the cost of your annual cleanings. This is one of the ways that insurance companies & your dentist encourage you to prevent dental problems. By seeing the dentist for a cleaning every six months, which usually includes a brief exam, we can catch problems before they become painful, costly or both!

At a typical dental clinic, teeth cleanings are the most common reason patients come in to the office. If your teeth are relatively health, you’ve avoided having a dental injury, & you haven’t chosen to have cosmetic dentistry, most of time your visits to our office will not involve a financial transaction on your part at all. That being said, we will bill your insurance for your cleaning, meaning each cleaning won’t cost you cash, but it will cost you one of your annually allotted teeth cleaning benefits from your dental plan.

In some very rare situations, your insurance company may request you pay a small out-of-pocket cost for your cleaning. However, this shouldn’t be a reason not to get your cleaning. The $10 copay you pay twice a year for your cleaning if you have this kind of insurance plan is small compared to the hundreds or thousands you might pay out of pocket if something goes wrong & you need a crown because you haven’t been going to the dentist!

We don’t want anything to stand between you & optimal dental health. That’s why we offer teeth cleaning appointments that fit your busy schedule. We strive to provide appointment times that don’t require you to take off work (or school). We’d much rather see you before or after work for your teeth cleaning than pull you away from your obligations in the middle of the day. If you don’t already have your next 6-month teeth cleaning appointment scheduled, call us today so we can arrange it!

Take advantage of your teeth cleaning benefits! They’re made available to you in order to keep both your smile & your wallet healthy!

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We Respect the Schedules of Our Working Patients

convenient teeth cleaning appointments for working patientsWe know the majority of our patients work during the middle of the day. You may not work 9 to 5 exactly (maybe you work 8 to 4) but chances are that in the middle of the day, your employer or clients expect you to be at work or available. That’s why we do our best to offer teeth cleaning appointments that fit your work schedule.

We don’t want anything to come between you & your regular preventive dental care appointments. That being said, we also don’t want you to view 6-month visits to our office as something that disrupts your ability to provide for yourself & your family. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide appointments that are convenient for your work schedule.

We have morning appointments available so that you can stop in before work for your cleaning. We also have evening appointments available so that you can stop by on your way home. Our teeth cleaning appointments are less than an hour long, so you’ll be in & out quickly. We work early & late so you don’t have to take time off!

The best way to ensure your long term dental health is to see us regularly for preventive dental care. Catching problems early & getting a professional cleaning every 6 months (or however often the dentist or dental hygienist recommends) can prevent potentially costly & painful dental problems in the future. We don’t say this to scare you, just as a reminder that an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Or in this case, a one-hour cleaning is worth sparing yourself the expense & inconvenience of dental disease & tooth decay!

The importance of preventive teeth cleaning visits is why we always strive to pre-appoint you for your next visit in a time that fits with your work schedule. Please don’t hesitate to let us know when you need to be at work. If it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to make it for a 4pm appointment, we’d much rather see you at 5:30pm than have you miss or cancel! Our goal is always to make dentistry as easy as possible for you. It’s how we keep our family of patients smiling!

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We Respect Your Busy Schedule

busy businessman dental patient running to appointmentIf we’re honest with ourselves, we know that visiting the dentist is not high on your list of favorite activities. As much as we love dentistry & caring for smiles, we know the general public doesn’t quite share our passion. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure we provide dental care in a way that respects your busy schedule.

We find that the majority of our patients work jobs that are roughly 9am to 5pm every weekday. That’s why we offer teeth cleaning appointments in the morning that allow you to get in & out with plenty of time to get to work before 9am. We also offer teeth cleaning appointments in the late afternoon & evening, so you can stop by on your way home from work without having to leave early.

We also realize that most of young patients are in school from 8am to about 3pm, sometimes later if they participate in sports or other extracurricular activities. That’s what we offer early morning & evening teeth cleaning appointments for children as well. We don’t think it’s necessary for parents to pull their children out of class just for a teeth cleaning. We also offer children’s teeth cleaning appointments during midday during the summer when kids are free from school.

We work hard to ensure you leave every cleaning appointment with your next appointment already scheduled. This is so you can have it in your calendar as early as possible so you won’t forget. However, we know that it’s hard to know what you’ll be doing 3, 6, or 12 months from now (depending on how often we recommend you get your teeth cleaned). That’s why we always want to schedule your next appointment so you won’t have to miss work. If your next scheduled appointment is at a time that conflicts with your work schedule, please let us know so we can re-schedule it for you.

The last thing we want is for you to have to cancel your appointment at the last minute. Your dental health is far too important for that! Seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings doesn’t just mean you have an extra clean smile, it also gives us an opportunity to check for other health problems like gingivitis, gum disease & even oral cancer. We do everything we can to make dental care an easy & care-free part of your life. If we can do something better to ensure we respect your busy schedule, please let us know!

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